You’ve Witnessed the Unprecedented Impact of the Coronavirus on Our Society.


There’s Still A Lot of Uncertainty Out There.(The Uncertainty May Last Months, If Not Years.)

Some May Even Be Feeling Threatened for the Very First Time.

But Americans Continue to Rise to the Challenge.


There Seems to Be A Greater Appreciation for Life.

We’ve All Learned New Ways to Communicate.

We’ve Even Discovered What’s Really of Value.

(And It Isn’t Pop Culture!)

We’re Vulnerable Because We Rely Too Much on Foreign Countries to Provide Critical Items.

So Let’s Bring Manufacturing Back Home.(It’s Not Xenophobic….It’s Sustainability.)

Let’s Shop Local and Buy Local.

Let’s Re-examine Where Our Stuff Comes From.

We Need Strong, Data-Driven Leadership.

Leaders with the Courage to Do Things Like Stop Flights from China.

Leaders NOT Inclined Toward “Corona Cronyism.”

What Will We Do So This Doesn’t Happen Again?

John’s Message Hasn’t Changed. It’s Been Validated.