Standing Up for the Promise of America

My name is John Emmons, and I’m running for Congress.

My background is in business. Balancing budgets. Continually improving. Leading hundreds of people. Adapting to an ever-changing economy. 
But 12 years ago – worried about the direction of our country and the world we would leave to our children and grandchildren – I stepped forward to become more involved in politics as a volunteer and leader for causes I believe in.
Today, the foundations of our country are being attacked and undermined by a large, distant, over-reaching federal bureaucracy and elements in our society with strong anti-American views. So, it’s time to take another bold step forward. That’s why I am running for Congress. 
We need to protect and preserve the pillars of America: Individual liberty, personal responsibility, and opportunity – the freedom to pursue one’s dreams. 
I grew up on a small farm. We worked hard for what we had. We were taught important lessons by our parents: In America, we are blessed with freedom. In return, we must take responsibility for ourselves and our families. Work hard. Look out for our neighbors. Give back to our communities. 
I hope you agree with me and will join our campaign. Together, we can reclaim the American dream and the promise of America.

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Who Could Have Predicted

the Path 2020 Would Take? 

No One!


The Issues

Emmons Supports People with Financial Difficulties

John Emmons – has always actively wrestled with the most stringent community issues, striving to defend security, freedom, and independence. The financial aspect of the three main goals is central to his campaigns and always a priority.

More of Your Neighbors Were Working than At Any Time in the Last 50 Years.

157,800 New Jobs Had Been Created in Pennsylvania Over the Last 3 Years.

More Hispanic-
Americans Were Working
than Ever Before.

Financial Accessibility at Its Best

John Emmons – is a promoter of fair lending practices, a supporter of fair payday loans. The politician and his team are in the middle of a campaign that aims at informing potential borrowers about the pros and cons of loans.

Manufacturing Jobs Are Coming Back to the USA

More than 23,000 In Pennsylvania Alone since 2017

We Need to Continue to Bring Businesses Back to the USA.

Payday Loans – Hope for Better Days

The payday loan industry – is a subject of debate in the media, especially when politicians get to have a say in the matter. John Emmons, whose financial expertise is reinforced by a solid business background, openly supports payday lending in Pennsylvania.

We, As Americans, Have A Positive Path Forward

Lower Taxes and Streamline Regulations

To Encourage Manufacturing to Return