Nothing Else Matters If You Don’t Have Your Health.


We Need to Make Policies Specific to People.

You’ve Got 12 Minutes. 

The Result of Medicare’s Relative Value Units. 

We Need to Reestablish the Doctor-Patient Relationship.

Will There Even Be A Doctor Available?

By 2025 It Is Estimated Pennsylvania Will Face A Primary Care Physician Shortage of 1000 Doctors.

We Need to Bring More Healthcare Talent to Pennsylvania.

The Free Market Made US Healthcare the best in the World.

That’s Why So Many Come to the US from Abroad for Care.

Death Panels Are Real in Countries with Rationed Healthcare.

Constrained Access Leads to Long Waits for Everything.

If You Want to Know What Single-Payer Healthcare Looks Like, Ask A Veteran.

Competition Is the Answer.

Transparency Levels the Playing Field.

We Need to Eliminate Group Purchasing Monopolies.

There Is Now Only One Saline Solution Producer Remaining in the US.

We Need to Remove the Barriers to Preventive Care.

We Need to Educate Women on their Options.

We Need to Expand Access to Screenings.

We Need to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles.

Anxiety Is at an All-Time High

Almost 1 in 5 Are Affected Here In the US.

We Must Address the Opioid Crisis.

In 2018 There Were 4,413 Drug Overdose Deaths in Pennsylvania.

Including 85 in Berks County and 107 in Chester County.

Surely, We Can Come Together to Help Those that are Struggling.


John Is Running to Lead 

Because Health Dictates Quality-of-Life.