We All Want to Leave A Better World for the Next Generation.

We All Want Clean Air and Water, and a Clean Environment.

Whether You Believe in Man-Made Climate Change or Not.


It Starts with A Basic Level of Respect for Our World.

It Includes A Respect for Each Other that Doesn’t Politicize the Problem.

But the New Green Deal Is All About Controlling YOU.

The Climate Has been Changing for Millions of Years.

Teddy Roosevelt Was the Father of the Modern Conservation Movement.

The Real Green Deal Has Been Underway Quietly for Decades.

The Improvement in Our Environment Has Been Remarkable.

Look Around the World and You’ll See that Free Markets Are Clean Markets.

Free Markets Solve Problems

Green Begins at Home.

It’s Nothing Fancy.

Walk Your Talk!

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

The Pace of Environmental Improvement Is Accelerating.

But We Still Have A Long Road Ahead of Us.

We Still Need to Address Habitat Destruction.

There Are Still Endangered Species that We Want to Save.

We Need An All-of-the-Above Energy Policy.

Let the Market (You) Pick Winners and Losers.


Sustainability Matters.

And So Does Resiliency.

What We Don’t Need Is A Thin Green Sheen On Socialist Ideology.


John Lives the Free Market Principles That Make the World A Better Place.