Emmons Calls on Houlahan to Denounce Riots and Violent Rhetoric

West Chester, PA – John Emmons, Republican nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, today called on Representative Chrissy Houlahan to denounce the rhetoric of her colleague, Rep. Ayanna Pressley.  

In an appearance on MSNBC this weekend, Pressley asserted, “There needs to be unrest in the streets.”

In her address to the Democratic National Convention last night, Pressley referred to the violent riots in Portland as simply, “rising up to demand accountability.”

Emmons stated:

“Across the country, we have seen peaceful protests devolve into violent riots, looting, and widespread destruction. People have died. Businesses and lives have been destroyed. This mainstreaming of political violence within the Democratic Party is unacceptable. Chrissy Houlahan owes it to the voters of Chester and Berks Counties to clearly denounce political violence, riots, Antifa, and the irresponsible and inciteful rhetoric of Ayanna Pressley.”