John Emmons Launches Digital Campaign Calling Out Chrissy Houlahan for Leading the Impeachment Effort

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

West Grove, PA – John Emmons, candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, today announced the launch of a digital advertising campaign to call out Representative Chrissy Houlahan’s leading role in the impeachment of President Trump.

Emmons stated:

“That was quick. It only took nine months for Chrissy Houlahan to reveal herself as a partisan rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi. She ran as a so-called ‘moderate,’ but now she’s the face of the partisan impeachment of the President. This is a classic political bait-and-switch: Say one thing as a candidate, do something else once you get elected.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chrissy Houlahan have made it clear: They’re rushing headlong into impeachment, regardless of the evidence. This is a far cry from the campaign promises Chrissy Houlahan made last year when she sold herself to voters as someone who would be an issues-focused, moderate voice in the House.

“We need a Congressman who will go to Washington and get to work for the people of Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, not simply march in lockstep with petty partisan attacks. The voters are looking for someone who will work to create jobs, reduce the size of government, solve the crisis at the border, fix our broken health care system, and protect our environment. Those are my priorities as a candidate, and that will be my focus in Congress.”