We All Want to Leave A Better World for the Next Generation.


What kind of world do we want to leave to our children and grandchildren? And what guiding principles– and actions – provide the best path forward for our families and communities, our state and nation, and our planet.

The Smart Path Forward

Instead of being led by people who don’t practice what they preach, and often do just the opposite, let’s focus on initiatives that can have an impact now. Let‘s focus on habitat destruction, extinction of species, and proven conservation techniques to reduce our footprint.

I’ve seen what works. The Real Green Deal has been underway quietly for  decades. The improvement in our environment has been remarkable. Because good people operating in free markets solve problems.

I have always worked to be a good steward of our planet. Growing up on a small farm, we recycled just about everything…long before “recycling” was a thing. As anyone familiar with small farming knows, nothing is wasted. And I will not waste my opportunity to lead on matters of conservation.


John Lives the Principles That Make the World A Better Place.

John has applied the core principles of conservation consistently throughout his personal and professional life. Here is what John does and has delivered:

Professionally – At his employer’s manufacturing facilities

  • Reduced waste by making environmentally-responsible choices
  • Reduced scrap levels and raw materials usage
  • Cut usage of electricity by 3-5% per year, and water by up to 30%

Personally – At home and on the road

  • Has driven a Prius since 2004; there are now three in the family
  • Grows own vegetables and berries; supports local farm markets
  • Recycles at home and makes conservation of natural resources a priority

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