We Don’t Have an Income Problem, We Have A Spending Problem.


While we as individuals must live within our means, so must the Government. Our elected representatives can’t keep spending and leaving an enormous debt burden to our children, grandchildren and many more generations beyond.

And It’s the Forgotten Working Class that Foots the Bill.

Power corrupts. The government is too big and has too much power. Recent FISA court abuses are a clear indication that some are gaming the system for their own benefit. We need to return to our common sense, fiscal roots, and advocate for true free markets.

We would never accept runaway deficit spending in our family budgets. We need to fight against it in Washington. The country is not secure with this huge and growing debt load. Unless addressed, a severe financial crisis looms just over the horizon.

And then there is Social Security. The Social Security system is now an unsustainable Ponzi Scheme. If the US defaults, current and future retirees will be hurt the most. 


John Emmons Will Represent You with Character and Transparency.

How John Will Take On Government Spending and Corruption:

  • Tackle the debt and save the American dream
  • Fight wasteful spending and propose a plan to balance the budget
  • Continue to grow the Economy to raise people up to allow them to become less dependent on the Government
  • Cease the ‘just print more money’ mentality in Washington
  • Invoke absolute transparency to reduce Government corruption
  • Implement term limits and reduce the power of the ‘Establishment’
  • Restore our liberties, freedoms, and opportunities

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