Your Health Should Be A Matter for You and Your Doctor.


We only have one body. It’s incredibly resilient, but it does need tender loving care…and at times some professional help. We all have a stake in improving healthcare, but the true, sustainable solution lies in letting the important decisions be made by doctors and patients, not bureaucrats in Washington.

Empower Patients and Providers, Not Washington Bureaucrats.

Healthcare needs to be reformed and simplified by empowering patients and providers to work together to innovate. Only through true patient choice can coverage for all be a viable reality. Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies should compete to offer ample coverage options and better service. Also, drug companies and hospitals must be transparent in pricing.

In business, John Emmons played a lead role in implementing a company-wide wellness program for hundreds of employees built around smart choices and early screenings. The program improved outcomes for many and cut health care costs by avoiding preventable diseases and major medical procedures.


When It Comes to Healthcare, One Size Surely Doesn’t Fit All.

But when patients and providers are in charge, we can focus on wellness – not just insurance. It works. Here is what John’s true patient choice approach looks like:

  • The “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) and single-payer ‘solutions’ are unsustainable and will result in reduced accessibility
  • Personalized Healthcare Plans will reintroduce competition into the system intelligently, reducing costs and enhancing access
  • We must reintroduce broader competition in the pharmaceutical and medical devise distribution system
  • Tort reform will help keep good doctors practicing in Pennsylvania
  • Annual wellness screenings will facilitate early detection and prevention
  • We must address both the supply and the demand components of the Opioid Crisis, to have a positive impact on those affected

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