The Promise of America Draws People from All Over the World.


America is the great melting pot and long has been the Land of Opportunity. We should continue to welcome those from around the world who are seeking a better life. 

A Broken System Makes Citizens and Immigrants Less Secure.

The rule of law protects and empowers each of us. But those who enter our country illegally, or overstay a Visa, are breaking the law. We must secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

There is no disputing that current system is broken. Why else would people use their life savings to pay criminals to transport them over the border, often risking their lives due to inhumane conditions? Why would hardworking people who otherwise epitomize the American Dream want to break the law?

Right now, the broken system is unfair to those who follow the rules, wait in line, and seek to become legal immigrants, guest workers, or American citizens.  

The solution needs to make it easier for good people looking for a better life to fill jobs that are needed in our economy. Many businesses need available, capable, and timely labor. But it starts with a secure border that keeps the gangs, human traffickers and illegal narcotics out. We need to get serious about finding a common-sense solution that works and reinforces the promise of America while upholding the rule of law.


The Components of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The solutions aren’t easy. But they start with people who actually want to solve the problem. People like John Emmons. Here is what John’s approach looks like:

  • Secure the Border
  • Institute a Real ID system and effectively monitor visas
  • Improve our guest-worker program to match employers up with needed labor
  • Eliminate birthright citizenship and chain migration 
  • Restore the proper concept of political asylum
  • Consider a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers only after the components listed above are in place

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