Growing Good Jobs and The Economy.


The strength of a nation’s economy is its engine for security, freedom, and opportunity. The key to a strong economy is a vibrant middle class based on a strong manufacturing sector. It’s time to bring manufacturing back to our shores. 

The U.S. has relied too heavily on foreign countries to produce essential products like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In addition, many elements of our agriculture, energy, and technology sectors are produced overseas. We need to re-establish secure supply chains to enhance our security.

Bringing Jobs Back to the United States.

Each new manufacturing job creates four new jobs in local areas. This is very important for 18-35 year-olds, who have been hit hard by past financial challenges, in our service-based economy and the COVID-19 downturn.

If we grow our economy and limit government spending, we can “grow” into a balanced budget as well. Bringing jobs back is the best way to combat China’s expansionist intentions. It will leave them with fewer resources to fund their military, economic, and political programs.


Policies Critical for Growing Jobs and the Economy

  • Bring manufacturing back and re-establish critical supply chains
  • Through tax policy and a favorable regulatory environment, grow the economy 3-3.5% per year
  • Limit the rate of growth of government spending to 0.5%
  • Establish a tax rate of 15% and implement IRS rules for rapid depreciation of plant and equipment
  • Streamline regulatory processes and cut red tape
  • Make it easier to buy American – provide for total transparency of labeling of finished products, subcomponents, and ingredients 
  • Promote a “Buy American” ad campaign to show the benefits of buying “local” products

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