Life is Precious. From Conception to Natural Death.


How can we ever choose which lives matter most? The unborn child, the elderly patient, the prisoner, the disabled? It’s an impossible choice. But a society that allows the destruction of life for convenience, can also take a life at any stage, including yours.

Equality Begins in the Womb, Where the Science Starts.

No war, no plague, no natural disaster has disproportionally taken the lives of more human beings than abortion. This includes taking nearly 50 million minority babies in the last 50 years.

Abortionists discourage ultrasounds, denying women the right to scientific proof of the life of their child. (Ninety percent of women who see their ultrasound keep their babies.) Sex-selection and trait-selection abortions are more commonplace. Where does it stop, and until what point after birth are we willing to destroy life?

Recent coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes and prisons show how our society devalues certain lives based on age and status. What is your life worth, and whom are you allowing to make that determination besides your Creator?


Because Every Soul on This Earth Is Precious.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness begins with…Life. Every life. From the nascent to the venerable. John will always choose Life. His approach looks like this:

  • Stand for Life at every stage, for every person
  • Promote policies favoring women’s dignity and self-reliance toward preventing unplanned pregnancy
  • Bring the undeniable science of life to the abortion debate
  • Fight abortion industry funding and profiteering that destroys women’s lives
  • Unmask hypocrisy – “Murder is wrong, but I’m pro-choice”
  • Stand against dangerous and risky tele-med abortions with pills

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