John Emmons Calls on Chrissy Houlahan to Denounce Nancy Pelosi’s Obstructionism and Pork-Barrel Spending

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

West Chester, PA – John Emmons, Republican candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District, stated:

“Nancy Pelosi, Chrissy Houlahan, and the House Democrats should be ashamed of their efforts to play politics with the Coronavirus relief legislation. Just as the Senate was nearing a bipartisan deal, Nancy Pelosi came back from a week-long vacation and cobbled together a last-minute bill packed with giveaways, social engineering, and burdensome regulations on business.

“Instead of providing relief for Americans who are seeing their lives and livelihoods upended by the Coronavirus, the Democrats have created a 1119-page mess. This is inexcusable.

“If you’re a business trying desperately to make payroll, the Democrats are demanding that you submit to a mandatory $15 federal minimum wage and permanent paid leave for all employees. They’re forcing you to report the gender, race, and ethnicity of your employees (and your suppliers) to the government. They’re forcing you to launch (and pay for) a five-year ‘Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.’

“But that’s not all. Also included in the legislation is a federal government takeover of elections by mandating early and mail-in voting, same-day voter registration, and online voter registration. It requires airlines to pay for carbon offsets for flights and provide passengers with notice of the greenhouse emissions for every single flight.

“Worst of all, the bill contains billions of dollars in pork-barrel spending – giveaways to Democrats’ pet projects, including $278 million for the IRS, $35 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and $300 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“The Democrats are playing politics when people are in desperate need. I call on Chrissy Houlahan to either denounce Nancy Pelosi’s proposal or explain why she wants to delay providing relief for the families and businesses of Pennsylvania.”