John Emmons Presumptive Republican Nominee in PA-6

Sole Republican to File Signatures; Will Face Off Against Chrissy Houlahan in November

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

West Chester, PA – Following his endorsement by the Chester County Republican Party in January, John Emmons submitted more than 3,000 signatures yesterday to officially become a candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District – more than three times the required number.

Emmons was the only Republican to file the required number of signatures to get on the primary election ballot. With no primary challenger, Emmons will be able to focus on Democrat Chrissy Houlahan and the November general election. 

Emmons stated:

“We have worked hard to build a grassroots campaign, and our team spent weeks going door-to-door in the cold weather to collect signatures. The Republican coalition stands united, energized, and ready to take our message of common-sense solutions to Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters throughout the district.

“During her 2018 campaign, Chrissy Houlahan sold herself during her campaign as above partisanship. Since she got to Washington, she has emerged as one of the most partisan members of the House, pushing higher taxes and supporting crippling limits on our energy. She has wasted time campaigning for Joe Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire and served as a leader on Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment fiasco instead of representing the people of the district.

“I have a lifetime of experience in the private sector, and my campaign is built on common-sense solutions to reform health care, continue to create jobs, and make sure our government answers to the people, not the Washington power-brokers.”