John Emmons Statement on Senate Impeachment Vote

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

West Chester, PA – Today, John Emmons, candidate for Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District, released the following statement following the Senate’s impeachment vote.

Following the vote, John Emmons stated:

“The contrast between last night’s speech by President Trump and today’s Senate impeachment vote couldn’t have been more stark. During the State of the Union address, we heard of the progress being made rebuilding our economy: Seven million new jobs, real income on the rise, and unemployment at record lows. Today, we saw the impeachment sideshow that Chrissy Houlahan helped launch finally come to an end. It’s time to put a stop once and for all to the do-nothing delaying tactics and the endless partisan investigations. Chrissy Houlahan and Nancy Pelosi have wasted enough time and taxpayer money. We need new leadership. It’s time to defeat Chrissy Houlahan and end Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker.”