Payday Loans – Hope for Better Days


The payday loan industry is a subject of debate in the media, especially when politicians get to have a say in the matter. John Emmons, whose financial expertise is reinforced by a solid business background, openly supports payday lending.

According to the politician, a staggering number of American households struggle to make ends meet. Emmons added that the criticism against payday cash advances typically comes from people who have a stable financial status. For that reason, authorities don’t always make the right decisions because they don’t know what average and minimum-income families go through. The wages in the US do not yet provide citizens economic security. As long as there are families who struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table for their children, payday lenders are doing our nation a huge service.

John Emmons announces his campaign in support of the payday lending industry. The politician will personally invest resources and set up a plan to educate the population at risk. Average and low-income citizens must know their rights and obligations.

The payday loan industry is at a stage where it contributes to the financial wellbeing of American citizens and permanent residents. Emmons listed its most prominent features:

  • Accessibility. Almost anyone can apply for a personal loan.
  • Demand. The fact that there are more payday lenders than Starbucks and McDonalds combined tells us that consumers need these services.
  • Bad credit score tolerance. Emmons states that a borrower’s past debts should not restrict their right to future financial opportunities.
  • Affordability. Convenient terms, interest, and fees. Most states passed regulations to protect borrowers from debt traps. Capped amounts and strict repayment terms regulate lending. Moreover, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau monitors the customers’ experience.

John Emmons emphasized that financial education is essential to help our citizens avoid debt or handle it in a way that will not harm their budget. As a form of alternative banking, Payday lending helps millions of Americans deal with their economic emergencies. As long as state authorities cannot always help the citizens in need, it is their duty to support the ones who do.