Standing Up Means Speaking Out

June 26, 2020

Last summer and fall, as we were laying the groundwork for my campaign for Congress, we chose the slogan “Standing Up for the Promise of America.” 

We had no idea just how important those words would become.

Today, frenzied mobs are tearing down or vandalizing statues of our Founders – courageous visionaries like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Abraham Lincoln.

Most Democrats and, sadly, many Republicans, are afraid to speak up, afraid that they will face the wrath of the “cancel culture.”

I am not afraid to say that this lawlessness must end. Elected officials must speak out, and the police must enforce the law.

But the problem runs deeper than today’s riots. We need to recognize where we have failed to teach younger generations about the greatness of America.

I am a patriot, not a politician. I believe that America is the greatest country in history.

We must be proud of leaders like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln and passionately advocate for the principles that serve as the bedrock of our nation: liberty, personal responsibility, and limited, Constitutional government.

We should reflect on the times when we as a nation have failed to live up to those principles… and be proud of where we’ve corrected our mistakes.
We must remember that America is and has been a beacon of hope for the world, a place where millions have sought refuge, opportunity, and freedom. We must instill an appreciation of America in our children and grandchildren.

We must stand up and speak out!

John Emmons

Candidate for PA-06