We Don’t Have an Income Problem, We Have A Spending Problem

You Have to Live Within Your Means.

Shouldn’t Your Government Do the Same?

Should You Be Worried About Our National Debt?

You Bet.

Today’s Politicians Are Really Sticking It to Our Kids

In 2020, the Government Will Use 1 of every 10 of Your Tax Dollars Just Paying Interest on Our Debt.

Do You Think That’s Sustainable?

Government Spending Is A Hidden Tax.

Every Dollar You Spend Is Worth Less.

It’s Like Your Student Loan Debt, Only Super-Sized!

Debt Is an Issue of Liberty.

The More Debt We Have, Personally and As A Country, the Less Free We Are.

Every Dollar You Spend Is Worth Less.

The Starting Point for a Solution Is a Balanced Budget

Our Elected Leaders Are Failing You on the Deficit.

And Look at What They’re Spending Your Hard-Earned Money On!

Plus, Politicians Are Elected as Regular Janes/Joes, But They Come Out Millionaires.

Typical Cronyism Comes at Your Expense.

Hunter Biden Got A $70,000 per Month ‘Job’ Without Any Expertise While His Dad Was Vice President.

Is That Fair to You?

Politicians Have Also Weaponized the IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ.

What If It Was You Who Were Targeted in This Way?

The Spending and Corruption Have Got to Stop.

Transparency and Character Are the Answer.

John Emmons Will Represent You with Character and Transparency. 

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